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13.05.2015 | DBMS Linter Modifications List for years 2014-2015
New DBMS Capabilities, Enhancements for Platforms, Optimizations, DBMS Program Interfaces more...
05.02.2015 | New Version of DBMS Linter Certified by FSTEC of Russia

Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC of Russia) has completed the inspection control of new version of DBMS Linter BASTION developed by RELEX. Based on the test results FSTEC of Russia agreed on the distribution of Certificate of Conformity #2601 to the new version of the system with the extension of validity of the certificate until March 22, 2018.


19.12.2014 | Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

23.10.2014 | RELEX Group at the Open Innovation International Forum

21.10.2014 | DBMS Linter on Diasoft Framework: Load Testing Results


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