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RELEX Group Presents Its Secure Archive Storage Experience at Rosoboronexport



A meeting of the IT and Communication Committee of the Defense Enterprise Aid League took place in Moscow on May 13.

Long-term storage of technical and design documentation is a challenge that any knowledge-based industry faces. This is especially important for military enterprises due to the strict information security requirements.

In the USSR, the design documentation of defense plants, according to GOST, was always microfilmed and stored in special archives. Today, with the introduction of 3D design systems and product life cycle management systems, design documentation is an entire package of drafts, 3D models with property and attributes, technical requirements and other associated information. New versions of design software make the task even more complicated.

Abroad, documentation storage for products with a long life cycle is regulated by LOTAR standard and MIBD technology. Russia is taking steps in this direction, too.

Long-term storage of documentation with high security requirements was the topic of the IT and Communication Committee meeting of the Defense Enterprise Aid League that was held at Rosoboronexport in Moscow on May 13. The event brought together representatives of leading Russian design offices and defense industry companies.

The RELEX team presented its experience of organizing a secure archive based on DBMS Linter. The BASTION version is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense and therefore can be used to work with state secret information. The solution makes it possible to create a secure electronic archive without additional expenses on organization and certification.

For RELEX it was a good chance to share our experience and propose our own solutions to the task. An important result was making a new contacts and strengthening the relationships with the Russian defense industry leaders.

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