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OS ROSA and DBMS Linter Compatibility Confirmed


Подтверждена совместимость ЛИНТЕР РОСА

The Russian companies ROSA and RELEX have completed the testing of DBMS Linter STANDARD and Linter BASTION for compatibility with the certified operating systems RELD, RELS, РОСА Cobalt and ROSA Virtualization. The testing results confirm full operational capability of DBMS Linter in ROSA OS environment. The DBMS Linter family is fully developed in Russia, meets the needs of the modern market, and is compliant with the legal requirements.

Vladislava Vasilyeva, CEO of ROSA, comments: «Considering the import substitution policy, each new compatibility agreement is a victory and an important step towards full supply of the Russian market with domestic software. We are happy that RELEX Group has become our partner».

Igor Boychenko, CEO of RELEX Group: «Partner relationships with Russian software vendors are a top priority for us, the new project with ROSA included. We do value such cooperation for the sake of our current and future customers».

About ROSA

The Russian company ROSA develops system software products, including those compliant with the Russian data security legal requirements.

The company’s products include desktop and server operating system with an original ergonomic interface, as well as cloud and infrastructure service deployment systems.

The company’s partner programs include cooperation with hardware vendors, system integrators and developers of comprehensive hardware-software solutions.


About RELEX Group

RELEX Group is the developer of DBMS Linter, database management system fully created in Russia. Linter STANDARD and Linter BASTION are included in the Russian Ministry of Communications register of computer programs and databases. BASTION, the secure version of our flagship product DBMS Linter, is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense, and provides the security of personal data and state secret information to Top Secret and Critical Importance level.


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