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DBMS LINTER BASTION and ASTRALINUX SE compatibility confirmed



As part of joint work in building the domestic technological platform for automated systems development, RELEX and ASTRALINUX performed joint testing of the software products developed by both companies. The testing results confirmed that DBMS Linter BASTION functions correctly in the special-purpose environment of OS ASTRALINUX Special Edition (“Smolensk” release, version 1.6).

«Our company’s goal is to create a reliable database server that allows building secure automated systems. It is quite natural that the company ASTRALINUX offering a special-purpose Linux system has become our key partner. In the future, we plan to support compatibility between Linter BASTION and ASTRALINUX Special Edition and to offer developers a certified secure domestic platform», says Vitaly Maximov, Deputy CEO of RELEX Group.

The specialists from both partner companies confirm that the interest to domestic software keeps growing, considering the import substitution program and sanctions against Russia.

«The joint use of OS ASTRALINUX Special Edition 1.6 and DBMS Linter BASTION provides a secure high-performance infrastructure for processing restricted information, including state secrets up to “top secret” level. We have prepared manuals for working with DBMS Linter BASTION, and they are available for free download», comments Roman Mylitsyn, ASTRALINUX Product Director.

The manual is available here: https://wiki.astralinux.ru/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1998860.

ASTRALINUX and RELEX recommend OS ASTRALINUX Special Edition and DBMS Linter Bastion for joint use and creation of automated systems with strict data security requirements.

RELEX Group is one of the leading Russian software vendors in the field of data security, storage and processing. DBMS Linter BASTION is the only database management system fully developed in Russia without using any borrowed source code. The system is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense and recommended for use in the defense industry, as well as in special hardware and software systems for handling state secret data.


ASTRALINUX is one of the leaders in the Russian IT market developing basic software products, including ASTRALINUX OS family and virtualization platforms. The company has been in the industry since 2008. ASTRALINUX is one of the key players on the import substitution and critical information infrastructure market. All АSTRALINUX products are included in the Russian Ministry of Communications register. OS ASTRALINUX is included in the standard for federal agencies and state corporations. This is the only Russian OS with a full set of certifications by the Russian FSTEC, Ministry of Defense and Federal Security Service. The OS can be used to create systems with maximum information security requirements.


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