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RELEX and Innovation and Development Agency Awarded the Winners of the “Rules of Growth” Contest


The “Rules of Growth” contest winner awards ceremony took place at Spartak Cinema on November 28. The contest for the best innovative ideas was organized by the Innovation and Development Agency under the authority of Alexey V. Gordeev, Governor of the Voronezh Region.

RELEX Group was traditionally sponsoring the project. The main nominations of October were “Healthy Lifestyle” and “Reading Nation”. In his congratulatory speech, Roman Siletsky, Marketing Director of RELEX, noted the progress of the contest over the year, congratulated the organizers for their work, and wished the young innovators to think about how to improve the people’s quality of life in the first place, and the financial results will follow suit. When giving the prizes to the contest winners, the representative of RELEX wished them success in putting their innovative ideas into practice.

The Research and Production Enterprise “RELEX” is the developer of certified Russian DBMS Linter, resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center, and owner of several patents in the field of data processing for creating a unique data generation and search method in a DBMS and the device to implement it . “Innovation is the way that all the world’s leading companies follow, and each of us who strives for the best results in the work should keep in mind the innovative component in manufacturing for the public good”, commented Igor A. Boychenko, General Manager of RELEX.

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