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DBMS Linter Is Recommended for Use in Projects with IsWMS


InStock Technologies offering services in automation and enhancement of logistics processes to Russian companies has integrated its product, IsWMS warehouse management system, with DBMS Linter.

IsWMS is an industrial warehouse management system designed for companies of different sizes: from midsize distributor firms to huge warehouse complexes serving many clients, with hundreds of storehouse users working simultaneously. IsWMS makes it possible to automate all stages of any warehousing process. Thanks to data acquisition radio terminals, the system controls and manages processes in the real-time mode, gathering detailed information on all elementary operations to analyze the work of the employees, the movement of goods and the processing of orders.

One of the key features of IsWMS is its ability to interact with various DBMSs. The Russian DBMS Linter BASTION was selected from among professional commercial database management systems. Linter BASTION is a competitor of MS SQL far surpassing it in fault-tolerance and unique data security. The patented data access methods and certified security algorithms implemented in DBMS Linter make it possible to work with state secret information up to the “top secret” level.

Linter BASTION is the only DBMS fully developed in Russia. The system is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense as compliant with the Class 2 information security requirements and Level 2 of undeclared capabilities absence control.

The effective methods of secure information storage and processing implemented in DBMS Linter BASTION provide reliable operation of the system and protection in case of hardware failure. DBMS Linter is used in diverse activities and areas: from mobile applications, household devices and automated systems in robot-based manufacturing to process management hardware and software complexes at oil-and-gas-production and nuclear plants, air traffic management systems and on-board information and management systems.

DBMS Linter BASTION uses SQL as the query language, which allows IsWMS administrators to freely use all embedded IsWMS functions that require formulation of SQL queries and handlers, such as the embedded report generator, event management mechanism, visual statistics etc.

One of the key features of DBMS Linter BASTION is its multi-platform capacity. The SQL server runs on more than 20 hardware and software platforms, which allows InStock Technologies to use their solution in cross-platform installations.

InStock Technologies recommends DBMS Linter for use in joint projects with IsWMS.

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