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DBMS Linter Modifications List for years 2014-2015


New DBMS Capabilities

  • Authentication via LDAP and Kerberos.
  • New password hashing algorithm (using FIPS 180-2 SHA-224).
  • LISTAGG string value concatenation aggregative/analytical function.
  • construction for setting the row order when processing FIRST_VALUE, LAST_VALUE and LISTAGG aggregative functions.
  • Functional column indexes for UPPER and LOWER functions.
  • Set of functions to support the BSON format.
  • Automated locking mode for newly inserted records (INSERT WITH LOCK).
  • New construction PRELOAD for TEST TABLE command to load the table into the memory.
  • Geometric data type support in export/import utilities.
  • $$$EVENTS_INFO pseudo-table for getting information about events.
  • Possibility to enable and disable query plan tracing for individual connections.

Enhancements for Platforms

  • Linter added as a package to AltLinux p7 repository.
  • Auto-installation in the silent mode for Windows.
  • Compatibility with MACOSX.
  • Compatibility with latest AIX versions.


  • New processing strategies for some predicate groups (select on condition + search for maximum).
  • New aggregative index usage strategies.
  • Predicate result merge order optimization.
  • Calculating associated predicates together with connection predicates.

DBMS Program Interfaces

  • JDBC interface: build with JDK 1.6 and 1.7, support of different Hibernate versions, Maven build, Apache Cayenne support, Hibernate Spatial support.
  • ADO.NET interface: Visual Studio 2012/2013 support.
  • Python interface: Python support up to version 3.4 inclusive.
  • OCI interface: Navicat compatibility for Oracle corrected.
  • Ruby interface: Ruby 2 support added.
  • BLOB processing speed for most interfaces optimized.
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