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Linter SQL at "Kama Lights-2015" CIO Congress


Upon invitation from the Perm CIO Club, RELEX participated in the "Kama Lights-2015" CIO Congress that took place in Perm on June 27, 2015. For several years, the "Kama Lights" Congress has been bringing executives together to discuss topical issues of the IT sphere in an informal setting. 

 Due to the need to replace overseas IT products with domestic ones, one of the topics discussed at "Kama Lights-2015" was software import substitution. In his report "Import Substitution and Import-Indepemdence Based on the Russian DBMS Linter", Development Manager Roman Barkalov spoke about the domestic database management system developed by the RELEX team over 25 years, and examples of its successful use.

RELEX Linter database

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