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State Mineral Resource Committee Experts Approved DBMS Linter Use in the Fuel and Energy Complex


A meeting of the Expert and Technical Board of the Russian State Mineral Resource Committee was organized in Moscow to discuss the expert findings on the hardware-software system “Soyuz” developed in Russia that is currently under testing.

Бойченко РЕЛЭКС

Based on the testing results, the Expert and Technical Board declared the software used in the Soyuz hardware-software system acceptable for performing tasks on reserve estimate, seismo-geology-hydrodynamic modeling, oil-and-gas field expert evaluation and monitoring.

The Expert Board decision contains recommendations for Soyuz Consortium to continue functionality development and enhancement of Soyuz import-substituting hardware-software system to become competitive at the world market.

One of the key factors that affected the expert decision was the use of Russian technologies and solutions in Soyuz hardware-software system, including Elbrus microprocessors, Linux-Elbrus OS and DBMS Linter BASTION.

DBMS Linter BASTION is used in Soyuz hardware-software system to implement the following functionality:

  • software for geoseismic and hydrological modeling and monitoring of raw hydrocarbon fields;
  • real-time databases;
  • complex fissured carbonate reservoir modeling software.

About Soyuz Consortium

Soyuz hardware-software system is developed as part of the import substitution program by the project consortium founded in 2014 and uniting major Russian hardware, system software and application developers and manufacturers, scientific organizations and project institutions:

  • OOO «Delta National Innovative Technology Development Center;
  • Mathematic Research Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Oktyabr Production Association;
  • MCST, Ltd;
  • ЗАО «Pangaea, Ltd.;
  • RELEX, Ltd.;
  • ООО «LIT-TRUST, Ltd.;
  • ООО «Information Science and Applied Mathematics Research Institute;
  • ООО «Design and Scientific Expert Evaluation Institute;
  • ООО «Bursoftproject, Ltd.;
  • НП «RSSSOFT etc.


Soyuz hardware-software system is intended to interpret data of geophysical research, geoseismic and hydrodynamic modeling, reserve estimate, digital model quality control, development option economic efficiency evaluation, borehole drilling and raw hydrocarbon field development monitoring.

May 12, 2015

Soyuz hardware-software system based on domestic microprocessors “Elbrus” and DBMS Linter BASTION was presented in the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Using Souyz hardware-software system as a basis, the participants of Soyuz Consortium prepared a series of project identification summaries for the import substitution program in hardware and software technologies performing vital tasks in subsoil management.

June 2015

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade held a series of meetings of the expert group in the area of “Software, communication and security systems for raw hydrocarbon drilling, production, transportation and refining”. Souyz hardware-software system was approved by the experts and recommended for public screening. The Skolkovo Foundation IT cluster was selected as the public screening ground for project consortium participants implementing import substitution programs developed by the scientific and technical oil-and-gas equipment council of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

August 31, 2015

At the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, the Consortium defended its solution for geophysical research data interpretation, geoseismic and hydrodynamic modeling, reserve estimate, digital model quality control, and economic efficiency estimation of raw hydrocarbon field development, drilling and monitoring. It was resolved to accept Soyuz hardware-software system in the hardware and software import substitution program provided that the Soyuz functionality continues to be enhanced to create a unified Integration platform.

September 8, 2015

The Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences hosted a business meeting between Mikhail V. Ermakov, Chief Software Architect of RELEX, and Konstantin N. Epishin, General Manager of LIT-TRUST, Ltd, to work out the solutions that would satisfy the requirements to the hardware-software system. As a result, a proposal to develop an Integration platform based on the DBMS Linter BASTION infrastructure was worked out. The platform will integrate the software included in the hardware-software system to meet the above-mentioned requirements.

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