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PROMETEI Intellectual Property Management System Tested for Compatibility with DBMS Linter


TAYFUN Joint-Stock Company and RELEX Group have successfully completed the testing of the automated electronic intellectual property management system “PROMETEI” for compatibility with the Russian DBMS Linter BASTION. The use of these products in combination helps to create an automated intellectual property management system compliant with the information security requirements. The package solution is already available to potential customers.

The automated electronic intellectual property management system “PROMETEI” is used to organize the activities of company departments dealing with intellectual property issues. PROMETEI helps to minimize the paperwork associated with intellectual property objects in a company and to substantially reduce the number of operations with each intellectual property object during its registration, filing and information search.

DBMS Linter BASTION is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense. Linter BASTION provides a high level of security for the processed data, up to “top secret”. All the security modules of DBMS Linter BASTION are compliant with the Information, IT and Information Security Law, Personal Data Law and Information Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation. DBMS Linter is fully developed in Russia.

«The use of DBMS Linter BASTION in an automated electronic intellectual property management system is a step towards full-fledged information independence of our country. Our goal is the use of the Russian DBMS Linter in all critically important industries», – says Sergei Litovchenko, Business Development Manager of RELEX Group.

«The security of the information stored and processed is an integral part of the intellectual property management process. This is especially true for an automated management system. Therefore the use of DBMS Linter BASTION as the information kernel of the PROMETEI system demonstrates the aspiration of TAIFUN developers to provide a high level of security for information processed by the system. Besides, we are happy to cooperate with domestic software development companies and believe this is the right way for any company here in Russia», – says Andrey Gorev, Head of the IT Department at TAIFUN.

Company Profiles

RELEX Group is one of the leading Russian software development companies in the field of data security, storage and processing. RELEX has been on the IT market since 1990. DBMS Linter BASTION developed by the RELEX team is certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense and recommended for use in the defense industry complex, government systems and special hardware-software packages for processing state secret information. For details, please visit the official corporate Web site at www.relex.us.

TAIFUN Joint-Stock Company is a Russian military company producing complex radio systems for different classes of ships and shore complexes. TAIFUN successfully develops, manufactures and supports complex radio engineering equipment, both civil and special-purpose, at all stages of its life cycle.
Corporate Web site: http://www.typhoon-jsc.ru/
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