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Linter Nominated for National Import Substitution Award “Priority-2015”


November 17 was the deadline for applications for the National import substitution award “Priority-2015”. This annual contest for over 20 spheres of the national economy is aimed at intensive development of import substitution and creating the image of Russia as a major provider of competitive products and services on the world market.

According to the organizing committee, 305 applications for 19 nominations have been received from 41 regions of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

The flagship product of RELEX Group, DBMS Linter, is presented in two nominations: “Communication and IT” and “High-Tech Solutions”.

RELEX specializes in development, implementation and support of its own packaged solutions (DBMS Linter) and custom software development. Linter is the only commercial DBMS fully developed by a Russian company in the Russian Federation.

The laureates will be announced at the award ceremony at the Pushkin State Museum in Prechistenka Street on December 9, 2015. 
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