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Integration of Turbo9 and DBMS Linter


The 35th dealer seminar took place in Moscow on November 23-25, 2015. The partners of the Dolgoprudnensky Investigation Center (DIC), one of the leading Russian developers of accounting and analytical systems for business automation, presented their systems developed on the accounting automation platform Turbo9.

The dealer seminar program included a presentation of the capabilities of a jointly developed solution, an integration of the platform Turbo9 with DBMS Linter, the flagship product of RELEX.

The report made by RELEX Business Development Manager Roman Barkalov sparked special interest among the audience considering the growing import substitution tendencies in the IT field.

"In the current situation on the IT market, imported database management systems are more often used. Still, the platform Turbo9 integrated with DBMS Linter is a solution fully developed in Russia and, in particular, it is compliant with the federal laws: 149-FZ ("About Information, Information Technologies and Information Security”, 152-FZ (“About Personal Data"), and 188-FZ", says Roman Barkalov.

Andrey Litvinov, Development Director of DIC, points out: "Theoretically, our software can work on any database management system. Still, there are DBMSs that we recommend and integrate "by default", and DBMS Linter is one of them".  
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