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RELEX and I-Teco Test DBMS Linter BASTION Integrated with ES2015-Terem Hardware-Software System


RELEX and I-Teco teams have successfully completed the integration and testing of DBMS Linter BASTION with ES2015-Terem corporate virtualization hardware-software system.

The project whose goal was to create a platform to build corporate VDI/VPS systems based on the domestic technological stack was started in 2015. The teams of the two partner companies performed the full set of compatibility tests for DBMS Linter BASTION and ES2015-Terem in the most widely used operation environments, Linux (CentOS 7) and Windows (Windows Server 2008 R2 x86_64).

«The dependence on foreign hardware manufacturers and software vendors inevitably leads to vulnerability of information systems used by Russian companies. Our goal is to offer users secure platforms that will provide uninterrupted work without having to rely on overseas vendors, – commented Vitaly Maximov, Vice President of RELEX. – Our experience of working with I-Teco is one more step to creation of domestic hardware-software solutions that are critically important in providing security and technological independence of Russian users». 

At the final stage of development, to estimate the efficiency of the integrated system including DBMS Linter and ES2015-Terem, comparative testing of the virtual platform on physical servers with similar parameters was conducted. This stage of work included  the testing of OLTP, OLAP and mixed DBMS workload profiles. The obtained experimental data demonstrated that the ES2015-Terem virtual infrastructure performance was comparable to physical server systems and in some cases even exceeded their results.

According to Nikolay Parfyonov, Department Manager of I-Teco, the successful testing allows the partner companies to introduce a high-performance Russian hardware-software system on the IT market as a basis for building information systems using DBMS Linter, a cutting-edge domestic software product. The project goal is to enable customers to build corporate IT systems based on Russian developments, making them less dependent on proprietary imported virtualization software, reducing the operation expenses and building strategic prospects for saving the investments.

«By aiming at a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship between I-Teco and RELEX, we are positioning DBMS Linter BASTION integrated with ES2015-Terem as a component providing the security of the new Eurasian software platform, making the joint product compatible with in-demand application systems. We recommend using the ES2015-Terem corporate virtualization platform in combination with DBMS Linter, and invite Russian companies to try this solution for their own production goals», — concluded Nikolay Parfyonov.

Company Profiles
RELEX Group is one of the leading Russian software vendors in the field of data security, warehousing and processing. The company has been on the market since 1990. DBMS Linter BASTION developed by the RELEX team is the only DBMS fully developed in Russia without any borrowed source code. The system is certified by the Russian FSTEC and recommended for use in government authorities, defense industry organizations and special-purpose hardware and software systems designed for working with state secret data.
I-Teco is the leading Russian system integrator and IT developer for corporate customers. The company has been in the IT industry since 1997. I-Teco is among the Top-400 largest Russian companies, Top-10 Russian IT companies, leading IT consultants, IT and BI suppliers for communication providers, banks and government authorities, Top-3 IT management leaders, ERP, HRM and IaaS providers. The TrustInfo data center for 1200 rack units built by I-Teco is the largest Russian commercial data processing center of Tier III level.
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