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DBMS Linter BASTION Recommended for Use with OS ROSA


Two Russian companies, RELEX and ROSA Scientific and Technical Center, have completed the testing of DBMS Linter for compatibility with the certified operating systems ROSA NICKEL, ROSA COBALT and ROSA CHROME. The testing results demonstrate complete operability of Linter in the ROSA OS environment. The manufacturers recommend their products for use in automated systems of commercial organizations, government authorities and military industry companies as basic system software. 

The use of the DBMS and OS developed in Russia will allow companies to create and use solutions compliant with the Russian law. This became especially important after the enactment of Federal Law №188-FZ of June 29, 2015 «About Modifications in Federal Law of Information Technology and Information Security». 

DBMS Linter BASTION is fully developed in Russia and certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense. Thanks to its unprecedented security, Linter BASTION makes it possible to build information systems of any security level, including those intended for storing and processing top secret information. All DBMS security modules are implemented in accordance with the FSTEC guidelines and compliant with the federal laws ( №149-FZ «About Information, Information Technology and Information Security», №152-FZ «About Personal Data» and Russian Federation Information Security Doctrine (approved by the President of the Russian Federation, 09.09.2000, № Pr-1895). 

The ROSA COBALT OS family is certified by the Russian FSTEC for working with confidential information, including personal data. The ROSA CHROME OS family is certified by the Russian FSTEC and recommended for processing state secret information up to the “secret” level inclusive. OS ROSA NICKEL is certified by the 8th Department of the Russian Army General Staff and recommended for processing state secret information up to the “secret” level inclusive. 

Company Profiles 
RELEX Group has been successfully working in the IT industry since 1990, specializing in manufacturing, implementing and supporting its own packaged software (DBMS Linter) and custom software development.  
The software development, manufacturing and technical support at RELEX are compliant with GOST ISO 9001-2011 and SRPP VT standards, and the production of secure software is licensed by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense.  

The Russian company «ROSA» (ООО «ROSA Scientific and Technical Center») develops system software compliant with the information security laws of the Russian Federation. 
The product line developed by the company includes desktop, server and embedded operating systems with an original ergonomic interface, as well as cloud and infrastructure service deployment systems. 

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