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Russian DBMS of International Renown

Linter is a database management system (DBMS) fully developed by the Russian company RELEX, certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense and providing solid security of information from «Personal Data» level to «Top Secret» level.

Nuclear reactor management, production of oil and minerals, air traffic security, management of business processes, machine tools, household devices, mobile and other applications are entrusted to DBMS Linter. On multiple occasions, Linter was noted at industrial expos and conferences, mentioned in ratings of IT magazines, acknowledged the best IT product and product of the year in its category and, most importantly, received positive feedback from its users.

On April 7, 2011, Brycen, a Japanese partner of RELEX, reported on the sales of DBMS Linter in Asia, one of the world’s most advanced IT markets. The Japanese Linter Web site says that the total sales of the Russian DBMS (since 2002) have reached 30000000 copies.

Linter is appreciated for:

  • Data security
  • Fault-tolerance
  • Cross platform
  • Minimal resources
  • Real time functions
  • Embedded version
  • Utilities and interfaces
  • Technical support

DBMS Linter Family

The DBMS Linter family includes four parallel versions focusing on:

DBMS Linter BASTION (certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense as compliant with Class 2 and 3 data security requirements and Level 2 of undeclared capabilities absence control) deserves special attention.

Linter BASTION is equipped with a unique set of data security facilities that allow using the DBMS in personal data systems up to Class 1 inclusive and provide compliance with Federal Law 152-FZ, which is confirmed by the Russian FSTEC.

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