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DBMS Linter on Domestic Platforms


MCST, Ltd.

High-performance multiprocessor computer system developed by MCST, Ltd. for the Elbrus and OSMVS environments. Supports multi-user multitasking mode in real time.

«os2000» (OSRV) 


Real-time OS developed by NIISI RAS for Baget computers on MIPS and Intel microprocessors. Used for developing software for real-time hardware and software systems.



Secure general-purpose OS. Used for developing stationary secure automated systems. Delivered to the Russian military forces since 2002.

«ALT Linux»

ALT Linux Team

Family of distributions constituting a separate branch of Russian Linux produced by ALT Linux and its partners based on the developments of ALT Linux Team.

«Astra Linux Special Edition»

RusBITech, Ltd.

Secure OS developed by RusBITech, Ltd., based on the popular distributions Debian and Ubuntu, certified by the Russian FSTEC and Ministry of Defense.

DBMS Linter in Government Projects

Information System

Russian State Traffic Inspection

The information system for the Voronezh Regional Department of the Russian State Traffic Inspection developed by the RELEX team on the basis of DBMS Linter was aimed to unite the data obtained by the departments of the Traffic Inspection into a single distributed database, and to provide two-way communication between the regional department and its subordinate departments located remotely.

The system can function in the asynchronous mode, i.e. the time interval between an event and entering the information about the event into the database can be long (up to two weeks).

The system includes subsystems for accounting registered vehicles, issued driving licenses, administrative offenses and traffic accidents. The system can be integrated with federal automobile and people search systems.

DBMS Linter-VS


According to an agreement, the RELEX team created a Linter-based DBMS named Linter-VS. This is a certified DBMS for distributed data processing equipped with application development tools and capability-based data security facilities. Linter-VS is intended for use in agencies of the Russian Ministry of Defense

Information Analysis System

Government Department of Organized Crime Control

The RELEX team developed a Linter-based information analysis system “ASKRIN”. The purpose of the system is to unite diverse information obtained by local departments of organized crime prevention into a single all-Russian database, and to support data addition, security, search and analysis.

Automated Battle Action Modeling System

Mars, Inc.

The team of Mars, Inc. Developed the Automated Battle Action Modeling System for modeling the two-way dynamics of battle actions at sea (prestrategic and strategic levels).

Electronic Document Management


The Electronic Document Management system developed by Mars, Inc. is used to manage the activities of document development operators in executive organs.

The open multi-user DBMS Linter for Windows is used to manage the databases.

Electronic Document Archive

Mars, Inc.

The Electronic Document Archive developed by the Mars, Inc. team is used to computerize the office work in organizations, corporations and firms.

The Electronic Document Archive based on the relational DBMS Linter functions in the OS MSVS, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 environments and has well-documented program interfaces that can enable the electronic archive functions from application programs.

Regulated Content Web Site

Mars, Inc.

The Regulated Content Web Site program developed by the Mars team is used to manage information resources with regulated structure and to browse them in the form accepted in the Intranet.

The Regulated Content Web Site program functions in the OS MSVS, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 environments using the relational DBMS Linter, a Web server and a browser.

DBMS Linter for Real-Time Systems

Water Supply Department Management System

Surgutneftegaz, Inc.

DBMS Linter has been used as a database server in the water supply department management system at Fedorovskneft, a branch of Surgutneftegaz since 2004.

The pumping stations feed fresh water from the river Ob to the oil reservoir to maintain the reservoir pressure at Surgutneftegaz oil fields. The system is used for automated control and management of technological processes at the pumping stations of the water supply department in all working modes, including the startup and shutdown of particular units. Technically, the system structure is implemented as a functionally and territorially distributed automatic industrial control system. It is built using the multilevel hierarchical principle.

In the opinion of Surgutneftegaz representatives, the water supply department management system developed for Fedorovskneft has shortened the personnel reaction time in case of incidents and improved the labor discipline.

Air Traffic Management System


Since 1997, VNIIRA-OVD, one of the departments of the Saint-Petersburg Radio Equipment Research Institute (VNIIRA), has been using DBMS Linter in air traffic management systems.

The air traffic management system for airports is based on DBMS Linter-RV, a special version of DBMS Linter for real-time OS 9000. The system passed the field tests and was put into operation in the Khabarovsk airport in 2001.

Over the years of using the system, the DBMS version was updated several times.

At present, the system is used in Khabarovsk, Saint-Petersburg (Pulkovo Airport) and in Minsk International Airport.

Nuclear Power Station Control, Management, Diagnostics and Security System

Scientific Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”

In 2001, the specialists of Kurchatov Institute selected DBMS Linter as the database server for nuclear reactor control systems.

During selection, the products developed by the world’s leading vendors were compared. The main selection criteria were high performance and fault-tolerance.

The Kurchatov Institute team developed nuclear power station control, diagnostics and security systems for Sun Solaris SPARC based on DBMS Linter.

The system is distributed in Russia, China and Bulgaria.

DBMS Linter in Partner Solutions

Turbo 9


Turbo 9 is an application development platform for computerizing any type of accounting work. The software package based on Turbo 9 provides full computer support to a company or holding. Turbo 9 supports the full cycle of accounting system development and usage, and contains a comprehensive development toolkit. DBMS Linter in combination with Turbo 9 provides the highest level of data security and allows developing applications compliant with the Russian FSTEC requirements.

Master SCADA

InSAT, Ltd.

Object-oriented SCADA system for large-, medium- and small-scale automation systems with a free toolkit.


BaseGroup Labs

A fully functional platform supporting the following technologies: Data Warehouse, ETL, OLAP, Knowledge Discovery in Databases и Data Mining.



DBLink 4.2 is a class library based on Qt4 used for developing client applications that work with a DBMS. DBLink 4.2 supports:

  • the use of various DBMSs in the synchronous mode at a high abstraction level;
  • application development using visual programming methods, practically without writing any code;
  • extending library functions by including user classes;
  • portability of programs in environments supported by the Qt4 library;
  • creating a user-friendly interface.
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